Compare Reaction to  Death of “Hundreds of healthy people” to  single “perceived negligence” in Hospital  #Morbi-Gujarat

Reaction to ‘Death’ in this  new era  of consumerism has become a story of paradox. Massive civil negligence  and 141 deaths but there are no punching bags  as are  doctors  for revenge in case of a hospitalized death.     Just Compare the media  projection, burden of negligence and accountability of  hundreds of healthy deaths by civic negligence   to the  one hospital death by disease. 

     Death is the inevitable conclusion of life, a universal destiny that all living creatures share.   Death can occur through conflict, accident, natural disaster, pandemic, violence, suicide, neglect, or disease. 

Multiple Deaths in healthy people by civic negligence:

Large numbers of death and morbidity happen amongst absolutely healthy population due to preventable causes like open manholes, drains, live electric wires, water contamination, dengue, malaria, recurring floods  etc. The number of   people dying are in hundreds and thousands, and are almost entirely of healthy people, who otherwise were not at risk of death. In fact the burden of   negligence here is massive and these deaths are unpardonable.  Timely action could have prevented these normal people from death. 

Collapse of a pedestrian bridge that killed at least 141 people. #Morbi-Gujarat.

Police in the Indian state of Gujarat have arrested nine people in connection with the collapse of a pedestrian bridge that killed at least 141 people. Four of those detained are employees of a firm contracted to maintain the bridge in the town of Morbi.

Hundreds were on the structure when it gave way, sending people screaming for help into the river below in the dark.

Hopes of finding more survivors are fading. Many children, women and elderly people are among the dead.

The 140-year-old suspension bridge – a major local tourist attraction – had been reopened only last week after being repaired.

Single  Death in Hospital due to disease:

      Reaction to single “in Hospital” medicalized death  is a paradox.   The media has instead, focused on the stray and occasional incidents of perceived alleged negligence in hospital deaths which could have occurred due to critical medical condition of patient.  However an impression is created as if the doctors have killed a healthy person. It is assumed without any investigation that it was doctor’s fault. 

     In present era, the expectation of medicalized death has come to be seen as a civic right and Doctors’ responsibility. People now have less understanding and acceptance of hospital  death. The death is more perceived as failure of medical treatment rather than an invincible power or a certain final event.

Point to ponder-Misplaced priorities:

Who is to be blamed for the deaths of healthy people which occur because of civic negligence?  Here relatives are actually  helpless and the vital questions may go unanswered .  There are no punching bags  as are  doctors  for revenge. Any stray incident of death of an already ill patient is blown out of proportion by media  forgetting the fact that thousands of patients are saved everyday by  Doctors.   

      It is time to check the  emotional reactions to single hospital death due to a disease as compared to hundreds of death  of healthy people due to civil negligence.

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  1. This is quite unfortunate but everything is politics.

    Everyone has their own interest. Corruption is at the helm of affairs. Incompetency is plentiful. Accountability exists nowhere.


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