Namaste! I’m Dr Pankaj kumar, postgraduate in Internal medicine. I entered medical school in 1984 and It has been 33 years since then. With every passing year, I have witnessed deterioration and erosion in medical education, medical profession, and also treatment given to doctors by industry, authorities and most importantly by society. This phenomenon has occurred in health systems across the world, more so in developing countries.
No professional community has suffered so much for so long as doctors have since Hammurabi’s time 1750 BC. Brilliant and meritorious children from moderate family backgrounds strive hard at young age to get into medical college. They sacrifice their youth and life without knowing what is in store for them at the end of the long tunnel of study and training.
These discussions are mainly to highlight the problems doctors face, so that these children while choosing medical career, take a well informed decision before entering this profession, which is dangerous to doctor themselves even when discharging their duties in the best manner.
This discussion also endeavours to inform our society that the major reason behind these overzealous attempts to control, regulate and punish this noble profession is misplaced priorities. These problems are slowly but surely killing the medical profession and also the very noble cause for which it was meant. Now medical profession is itself in a critical state.
I know, I am a very insignificant person to bring a major change, but my heart cries in pain, because I see my passion and this great profession being killed.

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