Assault of Female doctors- an era worse than MAHABHARAT for the women doctors

      It is silence of women rights commission, the silence of women activists, socialites etc who usually cry themselves hoarse for women rights, is perplexing. These organizations and individuals have been silent all along since the women being assaulted now are “doctors”. There hasn’t been an iota of protest from any of these quarters. There have been no statements condemning the assaults, no call for action against culprits and no dharnas. So if you are a doctor, you cease to be considered a human being and the rights , which are routinely granted to all, are denied to you.

     We seem to have gone back to the ancient times of Mahabharat, where when a woman was insulted, the whole uncivilized society kept quiet.  I am sure we are civilised and wisened up enough to recognise these flaws in the society and have some corrective measures before it is too late………….too late to change the perceptions which will settle in the young impressionable minds of the children who till now think of it as their dream career. Let’s make efforts to change the perception of people in society , otherwise no brilliant child would ever like to enter this profession out of  fear. The beauty and lure of this profession for a child has always been the nobleness and selflessness associated with this field. And if the society starts perceiving them otherwise, then they would think twice before heading for a medical college.


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