Medical lawsuit:bad lottery for doctor, Will ever there be justice for doctors?

Court’ s decisions, delivered with retrospective analysis and wisdom of hindsight puts the doctors  in  disadvantageous position, who have to decide  in the circumstances of  future uncertainties of diseases. Patients  will   always be unhappy due to disease and tend to blame the doctor. Doctors can bear  with the level of understanding of patients, ignorance of patients towards medical science, but it is  hard to digest the court’s  judgments of these types. Every drug, howsoever innocuous it may be, has different reaction in different humans. It is impossible to predict which patient will  have allergic or idiosyncratic reactions.

Here a neurologist has been punished because of rare side effect of the drug, which can happen to any one and with any drug.  If content of the newspaper are correct and this is the judgement, it is really unfortunate for the doctor and medical community as a whole.

So if doctors are being punished for uncertainity of medical science and there is  ignorance of courts towards the same, it will become impossible  for doctors to work.  It seems that in future it will be difficult to treat even a single patient because patients, courts and everyone either  do not accept genuine and routine complications of the disease or the outcome and  blame  the doctors  knowingly.

These kind of  judgments  are setting up   precedent for cases of negligence against medical professionals, for no fault of theirs. Thereby instilling a sense of fear in the minds of doctors, besides decreasing the faith in judiciary as well. Doctors are helping everyone, but getting zero justice themselves from all quarters including courts, have made medical professionals  sitting ducks  for harassment  by all possible means.

Now the neurologist will spend more money on lawyers in defending himself. He will waste his time in courts rather than treating patients. Above all, damage to his professional soul and morale of medical professionals as a community will get a jolt. Even if wisdom prevails and higher court does the justice later, the irreparable damage is already  done to medical profession.

The atmosphere of falsely created vigilantism is pervading everywhere against doctors, with the result that wisdom, judgment, intellectual debate, and basic common sense is being abandoned for the sake of populist judgments. The perception thus created against doctors by media and celebrities has done immense damage to profession, resulting in bringing the doctors  to their knees. Whether there is any substance to the allegations, unfortunately, does not seem to matter.

If doctors are going to be penalized despite  doing their job correctly, then God save the people and medics. If this is the  justice imparted to doctors, good doctors will choose for safer options. As society is unable or unwilling to do justice to doctors, should it expect good doctors to treat their patients? Or actually does the society deserves to have good doctors?


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