Two doctors from Fortis Hospital arrested – How doctors may save themselves by learning from such cases.

Doctor,  do save the patient but save yourself also.

Doctors continue to treat and save  many patients in the years they work. But present law and regulatory system does not take into account those years of  good and hard work. It does  treat doctor as a petty criminal for some single mistake or unfortunate incident. Law just deals with it in a harshest possible manner.  Patient may have died because of disease, but when in side the hospital, it is very easy to relate death with actions or inaction of doctors.  Specially because inquiries are always done  with  retrospective analysis, with wisdom of hindsight. Although there is a feeling among doctors that what is really happening these days, something may not be very appropriate, but there is no room  for leniency here.

News of this kind brings tsunami of fear in minds of doctors all over. It can be anyone in such situation, where  it is just   that a particular doctor did not have that eye for danger in that moment. The  doctor did  not realize or anticipate the gravity of  the consequence and outcome of the patient in real time. It may be difficult to pick up or just not take the situation very seriously. That can simply be poor training or working without good application of mind. But  looking retrospectively, situation becomes clear.

Two senior doctors of Fortis Hospital in Haryana’s Gurgaon were arrested on Friday for a “delay in administration of emergency medicines” to a 51-year-old woman, who died of cardiac arrest last year, police said.


      Lessons to be learnt:  What options doctors have at present? Because they are at receiving end always. They have to learn from such cases and do something in their routine to prevent disasters. How can they save themselves?

  1. All patients to be seen by primary consultants or someone from concerned unit at the earliest. It is important as emergency doctor may  not be equipped to deal with specialty  problem.  Prompt diagnosis by specialty doctor and written findings are important.
  2. Initial assessment should be quick and with in minimum time.
  3. Good communication and documentation of the problem.
  4. Assess the patient and make a note of treatment to be given.
  5. Document the plan of action, that is investigation and management.
  6. Avoid phone call consultations and leaving treatment loosely. Well thought documented plan should be in place.
  7. Situation may be different for smaller nursing homes. Treatment of an emergency will remain same, whether patient goes to bigger or smaller hospital.   Nursing homes may not be equipped for all the emergencies. So challenge before the smaller hospitals will be to identify the problem and diagnose them quickly  and  if required send them to proper  hospital, rather risking themselves in today’s times.
  8. Aspiring doctors can have a cue about what they are getting into. So as to adapt to prevalent adverse circumstances for doctors, if they aspire to be one.


Doctor, do save the patient but save yourself also.


2 thoughts on “Two doctors from Fortis Hospital arrested – How doctors may save themselves by learning from such cases.

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  1. Murgi fas gayi.. bali ka bakra..These phrases come to my mind. This is hot news of Gurugram. particularly fortis, Difficult to believe. the doctors were arrested after proper inquiry. The matter will come to court and let it decide. But point You raised is valid, Every doctor who attends sick patients, needs safety first of himself, later of patient, Small nursing homes are more vulnerable as they are small. Court judgements influence minds of doctors of negligency and compensation, Documentation and communication & vice verse both save you. The protocol era of Primary angioplasty in such patients is barring many drugs in emergency Cardiology. God save doctors!

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