Doctor’ Revolt- a Mutiny long due globally- for  professional dignity #RTH

 Administrators’ wish to govern or regulate the medical profession cruelly is not new.  Hammurabi 5000 years (King of Babylonia) ago had initiated to write the rules of the game. Although he was not even at the   doorstep of medical science, but he  promulgated some rules. It is difficult to say whether he was naive or brilliant  enough to make it more mathematical. He fixed  heavy prize for saving lives   of rich people and used to  cut the hands of physicians for death or untoward incident. But he was still wise enough to pay heavily if life was saved. 

     No one really knows how to regulate this difficult area, which encompasses life and death, deals with extremes of poverty and riches, mortality and morbidity, pain and relief , sadness and happiness, smiles and sorrows and uncountable emotions, intertwines with financial aspects. Most difficult part is  amalgamation of  intricacies of science with minds of  patient and doctor’s skill in  newly evolved milieu of financial complexities.  Results are not encouraging for the medical profession.

    With the evolution of medical science and medical care intertwined with  medical business, braided changes in  medical  regulation is not an far off expectation. But reticulation of evolution to modern medicine  and health care has not happened  in  isolation. Simultaneously there has been  progressively complex emerging trends in medical business and changing patterns of health investments along with an era of corporate investments in health care  has also ushered.  Every one now wishes  to live longer  and  dreams of better quality of life with support of progressive medical care.  That kind of perception has given patients a hope in lieu of some money. With rich people willing to spend more, the insurance sector and investors putting money into health care, which was unthinkable few decades back in the  past.  

    This reticulation of business and  health care allowed health care to be controlled  in some way by administrators and investors. These people actually controlling health care are away from the health providers, who treated the patients.   The rulers are unaware of the limitation of medical science and the uncertainties and complexities of human body,  so the regulation  remains  somewhat  unfair to doctors.

   Today the global  system of medical regulation, is becoming somewhat  similar, to those ancient codes  in  terms of punishment and revenge. Differential payment system for health care also resembles the Code of Hammurabi in some respects.

       Fear factors on doctors and impact of present legal complexities is already at par with that of Hammurabi’s era. Aggrieved health care consumers may welcome a move toward harsh penalties in the name of justice and simply for revenge, but  the law has failed to   keep in mind the  poor outcomes in complex diseases, limitation of science and of course the idiosyncrasies of the human body.

    In such unfavourable and hostile circumstances, opting for a medical career is like  getting into a trouble zone and getting  entrapped into a system of exploitation and may be a self-bought disaster.  It looks like  as an absurd thought  and  highly ill advised.

       Doctors and nurses have been reduced to no more than moral and economical slaves either by industry or administrators, not infrequently pulled by legal bridle in their noses.   

 Doctors have been left with  only two ways either to persist, fight or perish. Silently quitting their beloved profession is going on for some time all over the world. Even in developed countries, there has been a fading enthusiasm to be a doctor

     Increasing cruelty and unreasonable regulation is leading to doctors’ revolt. For example   #NO-TO-RTH-AGITATION is a movement, the result of failure of Government to create public health system, but it has potential to fail the existing private doctors’ system as well. Smaller hospitals are already on verge of closure, will be forced to shut down.

    It is a cry for survival for the doctors, if short-sighted bureaucracy can understand the real problem.

Slow or acute revolt is long due globally-  no less than mutiny- a struggle for  professional dignity.

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