Award of Medical Degree – Get Label of ‘Thief’ or ‘Butcher’ #NO-TO-RTH

Has the time come to say ‘no to medical profession’? At least paying millions and becoming a doctor is not worth it.

Movements like #NO-TO-RTH are result of long standing humiliation of medical profession.

    Social media and celebrities have rewired the people’s mind against medical profession. It has created a terrifying picture about the harm that doctors do to patients. The turmoil against medical profession in the society is linked to social media that exploits the deep wired craving of patients to know more about the “realities”. This hot emotion, generating a sense of threat to them in hospitals, is exactly what they are designed to provoke. Especial comments- facts or not- produces entirely different reactions. The analytical comments about the possible harm awaken negative thinking, tribal instinct, and hardens opinion one way or other.

     Media, celebrities and others are getting away with making disparaging remarks and doctors have no mechanism to retaliate. The hurtful blabber continues at will. By theatrically deriding hard work of doctors, they grabbed eyeballs to be at the centre stage of health care and  prove their relevance to the system.

     Among millions of patients being treated every day, there are bound to be few handfuls of adverse events, poor outcomes. Media, lawyers and other opportunistic elements sniff those few incidents and discuss it with distorted version that rewards are instantaneous.

Talking about death, negligence in medical care on media is a frightening topic and not without consequences. Ethical lines are crossed frequently. Negative emotions are generated like hate, anger and hurt and usually instigating against the medical profession.  By use of few provocative words, the media can be set on metaphorical fire; the populism statistics hit the roof. The negative projection played in a peculiar way rules the internet and television.  The media journalist hits an instantaneous stardom.

   In the mad game for popularity, cross ethical lines and create rifts. They embellish it with more provocative words and share it with their name hoping to drive more engagement. 

  With   no strong retaliation from doctors’ associations, shrugging and ignoring by individual doctors has made medical profession not only a scapegoat but a medium to gain cheap popularity for everyone who can publically bash the medical community. Doctors’ associations have failed to fight to save dignity and pride of their members.

            In such unfavourable and hostile circumstances, medical students paying crores to get medical college seat is like  getting into a trouble zone and getting  entrapped into a system of exploitation and may be a self-bought disaster.  Someone paying for being a doctor  in millions and  crores is an absurd thought  and  highly ill advised. For the candidates who are not financially strong, it may be difficult to even recover the money spent, what to say about the time and youth wasted in  getting a degree which may or may not be that worth.

       The painful aspect is that after a medical student is awarded a degree, he becomes part of the community that is labelled as ‘thief’ or ‘butcher’  or ‘worst’ on various platform openly by media and prominent people. Sadly no action is taken for their public humiliation and passed as a routine issue. Courts and human right commission also remain silent on grave injustice to this educated and hard working community.

   Has the time come to say ‘no to medical profession’? At least paying millions and becoming a doctor is not worth it.

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