Dhule Doctor thrashed: Ten questions in a Doctor’s mind:

A Mumbai doctor who recently took up a Government job in Dhule government hospital was so brutally beaten up by irate relatives of an accident victim on Sunday night that that he is likely to lose vision in his left eye (Times of India). As a doctor, I feel sorry for him since he was doing his duty and was standing there and treating patients in the emergency ward. This brutal act was done by the very same people whom he was trying to save. Such scenarios raise following questions in my mind-

  1. Why this doctor who clearly was trying to help the patient attacked?
  2. Will this doctor ever get justice and how?
  3. What about the fundamental rights of doctor?
  4. Why honourable courts have maintained silence over such attacks on doctors?­
  5. Why Government does not take proactive steps to curb these attacks?
  6. Why human right commission has maintained silence over this issue?
  7. There are commissions and courts who take notice of cruelty against animals, but why not in case of doctors?
  8. Why our doctor associations do not file cases against hospitals and civil bodies who are responsible for not providing security?
  9. If certain facilities are not available in the hospital, who is responsible? Why doctors should be beaten for something for which they are not responsible?
  10. Such incidents are likely to deter children from taking up this profession. How can we expect bright children to take up this profession if such episodes keep recurring?


4 thoughts on “Dhule Doctor thrashed: Ten questions in a Doctor’s mind:

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  1. I agree. We all doctors need to come together as one against these assaults. Glad to see a platform where we can give our inputs.


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