Comparison of AIIMS (medical) and IIT (Engineer) graduate with 5 years invested. Do doctors deserve better salaries?

       Let us compare the start of career for medical and engineering graduates. To have a balance, comparing apples to apples, comparison of AIIMS graduates (premier institute –medical) to IIT graduates (Premier institute -Engineering) looks justified.  This goes without any need to emphasize that students selected in both are exceptionally brilliant and toppers of the country.

    Although this comparison is not a secret and everyone knows about it, but still it need an attention from a different point of view. It should be an eye opener not only to medical students or aspiring doctors but to the society as well. It projects the severe disparity to an extent of blatant injustice towards medical students.

  When engineering students after a course of  4 years  (at 21 years of age )are placed with package of 1.2 to 3.6 crores (1-4 lakh dollars), the medical students are starting with internship. Medical students still need to study for at least 5 years more (at 21 years of age ) to start earning maximum 12 -15 lakh per annum ( 15 thousand dollars). It may be raised to 24-30 lakhs (30000 dollars) per annum after 10 years, still one tenth of their contemporaries from IIT. Remember we are talking about only premier institutes, what happens to others is still a matter of luck.

   When engineering students earn crores, do jobs and get experience about the real world, medical students are worrying about the problems, which should not have been there in the first place. The common issues bogging down the medical students are trying to get into post graduate courses, inhuman duties lasting 24-48 hours, payment of unjustified fee of medical colleges, trying to fend off bond policies, court cases, bearing with assault on doctors, working in poor and inept health care infrastructure- just to name a few.  With all these problems lingering for years, doctors remain unwise in worldly matters, financially illiterate and sitting ducks for punishments due to excessive regulation and unjustified moral burden.  

      This comparison is essential to be kept in mind by aspiring doctors when they choose medical career. The respect and money associated with the hard work to be a good doctor is no more available even to the best.

   A Point to  ponder for everyone, what is the reason for such disparity?  Why doctors do not deserve better salaries? What is the need for  aspiring doctors to choose lowly  paid jobs for more hard work and more noble work? A fodder for thought for society  and administrators as well.

IIT hiring: Domestic offer hits record Rs 1.8 crore

IIT hiring: Domestic offer hits record Rs 1.8 crore

MUMBAI: After a lull in the first pandemic year, crore-plus job packages returned with a bang on premier IIT campuses. On the opening day of the season, several IITians entered the crore-plus salary club, as the highest domestic package touched an all-time high of Rs 1.8 crore and international offers crossed the Rs 2 crore mark. While Uber picked one student each from at least five IITs, including IITBombay and Madras, for a package of Rs 2.05 crore (or $274,000), one student at IIT-Roorkee received an international offer of Rs 2.15 crore ($287,550) and three others got domestic offers ranging from Rs 1.30 crore to Rs 1.8 crore. In the first slot at IITB, the highest offer after Uber came from cloud data management company Rubrik, with a Rs 90.6 lakh (or $121,000) package.  Of the domestic roles, investment management firm Millennium picked students for a package of Rs 62 lakh in the first slot, while WorldQuant offered Rs 52.7 lakh and Blackstone Rs 46.6 lakh. IIT-Madras students get 176 offers in first session on day 1 ALSO READ IIT-BHU student bags Rs 2 crore package from US company in placement . The highest numbers of domestic offers were made by Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Airbus and Bain & Company. IT/software, core engineering and consulting were the leading sectors to hire from the institute in the first slot. As many as 11 international offers were made at IIT-Madras on day one, said professor CS Shankar Ram, adviser (training and placement), IIT Madras. The institute recorded 407 offers in the first session of the placements, its best ever, including 231 PPOs. In all, 11 students received offers that crossed Rs 1 crore and of them 10 got domestic offers and 13 students signed up for an international offer, of which 12 opted for packages less than Rs 1 crore to take up jobs in Japan and Singapore.

Record Rs 3.6cr offers to 3 from Delhi, Bombay, Madras IITs for Hong Kong posting

MUMBAI: Hong Kong and Singapore seems to be the destinations where IITians are heading to this placement season, with most big-ticket offers being offered by trading firms there. Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm, has picked at least one student each from IIT-Bombay, Delhi and Kanpur for its Hong Kong office for a record package of Rs 3.6 crore. These, however, were made as pre-placement offers (PPOs) before the season kicked off on December 1. Another high-frequency trading firm Quantbox Research has made an offer of Rs 1.6 crore at multiple IITs for its Singapore office. one IIT-Bombay student, there are other PPOs that have made offers to students of close to Rs 2 crore,” said a source at IIT-B. On-campus job offers have not touched the Rs 2 crore mark. “There are several Rs 1 crore job offers and there are 15 companies with international locations, On the first day of placements, IIT-Bombay had 46 companies interviewing candidates either online or in-person. Of the 250 job offers on Day 1, more than 175 were accepted. On Day 2, a total of 48 companies were at IIT-B. The highest package so far this year domestically is Rs 1.9 crore, while there are a good number of packages from international recruiters as well.

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  1. Very true sir what you have said but I believe we as a doctors community is more responsible for all this. As we are getting seniors in out respective specialties, we just forgot initial days of ours and we start taking our juniors like working machines and started comparing them with our initial time and our egos are the supreme. We hardly take stands for our juniors and new doctors in front of the corporate MANAGERS.. as inside we all are scared of our jobs but in reality the corporate also needs up, so its a mutual thing. But most of the time we forget this.
    So , I believe the things can get change if we as a medical fraternity start working together and support each other especially the new generation doctors, otherwise there will be scarcity for good doctors.


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