Moral bankruptcy of administrators #unpaid doctors

     In an era when doctors are being punished for small mistakes or merely perceived negligence, the blunders committed by administrators are not even noticed. Doctors are not paid for four months and for protesting the same, they were given termination letters.  It seems that doctors need to live with blatant injustice all their lives.

 Any punishment for the  administrators for mismanagement? Looks impossible but punishment to the sufferers is on the cards.

     Medical students or aspiring doctors should be carefully watching the behaviour and cruelty by which doctors are governed, regulated and treated by administrators. Mere few words of respect and false lip service during Covid-pandemic  should not mask the real face of administrators, indifference of courts and harshness of Government towards medical profession. Choosing medical careers can land anyone into the situations, which are unimaginable in a civilized world.

    Doctors pleadings even for their rightful issues and routine problems are paid deaf and indifferent ears. It is disheartening to see that they receive apathetic attitude and dealt with stick or false assurances even for the issues which should have been solved automatically in routine even by average application of governance.

             It is discouraging for the whole medical fraternity to see that even the rightful is not being given what to expect the gratitude and respect.

         The indifferent behaviour has also unveiled the approach of  tokenism such as ‘mere lip service’  showing respect to corona warriors.

      The strong political and legal will is absent to solve Doctors’ problems.

 Unpaid doctors; Medical staff protest on- termination order?

New Delhi: Doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of East Delhi Municipal Corporation-run hospitals continued their protest on Thursday as well over non-payment of salaries for four months.
Meanwhile, an order issued by the medical superintendent of Swami Dayanand Hospital, Dr Rajni Khedwal, stated that services of all senior and junior resident doctors would be considered terminated from February 4 and fresh interviews would be conducted accordingly. The order also stated that all Diplomate of National Board (DNB) residents and contractual doctors would be marked absent.

“We all were there in the protest, none of us went for our duties. We have also asked the administration to speak on our behalf because they are too part of the hospital. Maybe the matter will be resolved tomorrow. Unless we get a concrete statement regarding salary, we will continue the protest,” said Dr Atul Jain, president of the hospital’s resident doctors’ association.

Meanwhile, EDMC commissioner Vikas Anand said that no order had been issued regarding the termination/suspension of the striking doctors’ services so far. The termination order is only for the DNB workers and for the rest of the medical staff, it is based on ‘no work no pay’ as per the SC rule, he clarified.

“The salaries will be provided at the earliest. We have a very good team of doctors at Swami Dayanand Hospital. The only request is that they should join back and resume services,” said the commissioner.

Anand also said that the salaries for the months of February and March would be paid on time. “EDMC is going through a financial crisis and even in such difficult times, the corporation is sensitive towards the interests of its employees. Their due arrears will be paid in the month of May as per the availability of the funds,” he added.

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