There has been frequent attempts by REEL HEROES and  celebrities, to projected themselves as Messiah for the cause of patients.  By self-appointing themselves as custodian of health of masses, ‘the Reel heroes’ and celebrities gave true meaning to their work of ‘ACTING’ that otherwise is no more than a trifling entertainment.

     An anecdotal episode of adverse event or poor prognosis was enough to be used as an illustration to portray whole medical professionals as dystopian community but what remained invisible to all was the fact that every day in hospitals, thousands of lives are salvaged back from the brink of death.

But the actual bargain was an attempt to project Reel heroes as Real heroes and vice versa.    

         Media and many celebrities have used fear in public mind to garner accolades and money for themselves, but at the same time created paranoia in minds of people against medical profession.  And when masses worshiped them as their true well-wishers, they aired advertisements to sell tobacco, soft drinks, junk foods and other sweet poisons to public and children.

        There is an eternal, latent vulnerability that intrinsic in the way doctors’ work and has potential to make them sitting ducks for harassment and punishments.  It was easy to discern that vulnerability was being exploited and turned more evil, when braided with such  insinuations by media and celebrities.

         The negative projection to create a generalization in minds of people had been demotivating and demeaning to the entire health care workers.  The selective projection had left behind a trail of hopelessness in the mind of people, shattering their trust and instigating against medical profession.

But the problem starts, when these false perceptions  created merely   by a projected glimmer    takes the shimmer away from the real worthy. The real professionals and people who are worthy of glory become invisible behind the glittery mist, a haze, which is unreal and unhelpful in real life.

In present era, real contributions by people, who are saviours of human life and the real heroes, remain unappreciated. People are so besotted by their fame and money that they fail to appreciate the sacrifices made by real heroes. Filmy super hero just imitates a doctor, soldier, dacoit or a street hooligan and just pretends to be one on the screen.

     But there are  real life heroes that exist around us. Doctors awake at night saving lives every minute or soldier in freezing cold are worthy  of more respect and are real heroes.  And it is up to the society  to look beyond the superficial and reel story, and focus on the real life actors. There has to be an true effort to make, respect and appreciate  real heroes.

Even a junior doctor saves many lives in a  day in emergencies as compared to the work of a superstar in films.  A teacher, nurse or scientist have a contribution which is more fruitful to our generation.       A  society truly needs the real people, who work and act for them, more than just entertainment. It will need a total change in the attitude of people to deconstruct their perceptions, which are based on mere projections and are away from reality.

21 occupational risk to doctor and nurses

The naivety of masses to perceive the projected character as real one  goes beyond a reasonable thought process and imagination.

   At the best, a particular projected character (and not individual acting star) may be a  role model. An actor or superstar, is simply doing his work of “acting” in  the end. This work of acting may bring an entertainment of few hours at the most.

Point to ponder is that whether society needs people  just  acting like   doctors,  soldiers  and not the  actual and real ones, who saves lives.

Society needs to envisage the bigger real picture, and should not be mistaken for another projected story.                          

The perception of the projection will decide, what does the   society actually  need- or desire-or deserve , “Reel Heroes or Real Heroes”.

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  1. Very well written sir… Its an eyeopener for common people…. These actors are paid like anything for just potraying the real heroes…. It is so unfortunate… That these reel heroes are paid like anything and are in focus everywhere…. Our society has to realuze behind whom are they running after….

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  2. Absolutely agree Dr Pankaj.
    We as a society will have to change our mindset that actors should not be called “HEROES/ HEROIN” .
    They are being paid very heavily for just for “playing” the role.
    Good actors should be given award and respect. They may be role model for acting.
    HERO is one who sacrifices for Nobel cause.

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