Moral Dilemma: Should Doctors Stop Work-if unpaid?

         From the very beginning of medical career, certain phrases are repeated to doctors and become ingrained in their memory. Be it any circumstances like working without any facilities, poor infrastructure, non-availability of drugs, inhuman duties hours over 48-72 hours or poor pay, the administrators would say, “you are a doctor, it is your moral responsibility.”  Slowly doctors will adjust, keep on working and take hardship as part of their life. Armchair preachers and administrators will always remind them of moral duties, but easily forget their own.

        Humbled by the nature of profession and blunted  retaliation reflexes due to hard training and enormous studies, gradually they become moral slaves to themselves. Enlightened people will understand the situation as attaining higher  level of hierarchy.

      All the problems are taken as  part of “Routine Life of a Doctor.”   The long  Struggle to become a doctor, slogging in wards to learn and earn degrees, work in inhuman conditions, listen to endless abuses, tolerate the false media criticism, dragged in courts for alleged negligence, work with fear of physical assaults, work without proper infrastructure and manpower, endangering their own lives, exploited by medical  industry and administrators, poorly paid and  still not respected.   

          As doctors have not retaliated to deterioration, adapted  well to the slavery, situation is worsening. A  large hospital has not paid salaries to doctors for three months. Now  there is a moral dilemma for doctors: whether to continue work  or not?

Till society understands the concealed sense of enslavement that remains hidden, while performing these duties, the suffering of the profession will not end.  A problem that is clearly visible to every one,  but not admitted till now,  is in itself an evidence for a difficult scenario to be implemented. 

     Apart from moral dilemma, doctors will worry about legal implications. In present era,  amid maze of legal complexities, dilemmas are  unending. Among all such complexities, they have to worry about patients also.

    A strange situation, where thousands are being paid sitting at home,  The real warriors are unpaid.   Covid paradox: salary cut for doctors other paid at home

The resident doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital: indefinite strike from October 5 considering strictly ‘no pay no work’ 

NEW DELHI:  The resident doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital, the biggest medical facility under the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, will be staging an agitation against the administration due to their failure of paying the salaries of the healthcare workers over the past three months, said the president of the doctor’s body Abhimanyu Sardana.

The RDA of the hospital, which is also a dedicated Covid-19 facility, has decided to go on an indefinite strike from October 5 considering strictly ‘no pay no work’. However, essential services won’t be affected.

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   Covid paradox: salary cut for doctors other paid at home

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