How to achieve “Effective Lock-Down” to prevent community spread @Corona pandemic

  To identify communities at  risk

“Battle of Corona” Only people can win this war, not doctors or Governments

         Preventing Community spread at this time  is the key to  control  the  Corona pandemic.  Strict  Lock down needs to be effective to achieve the desired objectives. Therefore it is necessary to identify the communities at  risk, where lock-down is not complete and hence these may be need to identify the weak points to achieve effective lock-down.

   These communities can be:

  1.    Surveillance in high population density zones: India  and specially large cities have areas with thick population density.  There is a tendency to come out of houses for  informal chatting.  People need to understand that effective lockdown is more than just not attending to the office work.  Such collections of people can be  prevented by strict enforcement:

A.   Police patrolling in thickly populated residential or good administrative control.

B.   Drone surveillance

C.   Camera surveillance and administrative control

  • Medical needs: people may come out of houses for medical needs. This can be minimized by
  1. Online consultations
  2. Telephonic consultations

These tele-consultations to be used  to differentiate whether it is an emergency or not. The emergencies should be guided to attend hospital, that may be different from Covid 19. So these consultations will help to segregate these patients from  Covid patients.

3.Strengthening of Ambulance service- Network of ambulances can be used to assess at homes and hence  the need for hospitalization may be minimized.  Besides it may help in preventing gathering of relatives and guiding the patient  to appropriate hospital.

4. Providing PPE’s to doctors to prevent loss of work force.

  • Need for essentials: System for community delivery  or   decongestion at market places need to be checked and gathering to be discouraged.

                   Effective Lock-down  can be a key  for winning the “Battle of Corona”. Only people can win this war, and not doctors or Governments.

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