LNJP hospital doctor’s assault: Role of Doctor’s Associations and Parent Institutes, human right commissions?

The  impunity with which attendant easily and brutally assault doctors is really appalling, that too in bigger institutes like LNJP Delhi , should be shameful to law enforcing agencies. Are we a lawless society? More problematic is the government apathy and silence of human right commission. Here comes the point that what is the role of our doctor’s organizations and parent hospital and institute, where the incident happens.

         Why  in each and every case of doctor’ s assault, doctor’s bodies and organization do not file a case in the court against the  responsible  authority for security. Non action by Doctor’s Associations, bodies and organizations, not able to take a stand for their children is  most disappointing.

     Another issue is with the parent institute, where such incident happens. Institutes as a unit or a parent  should file cases, rather than few suffering doctors running here and there for help.

 Role of Government, Doctor’s Associations and Parent Institutes is akin to a “father”, who is wining and dining, whereas  his  working and brilliant children are being beaten black and blue.  This is certainly  a poor advertisement, if society wants good doctors.  At least  it should not rue about extinction of good doctors. 

doctor assault CMC Ludhiana

Beti padhao beti bacchao

assault of female doctors

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