Protection to Dogs but not to Human Child- Shameful Scenario

A horrifying and frightening video was recorded in Hyderabad, where a four year child was seen running and screaming for his life. 4-5 stray dogs were near him, mauled and   hunted him as a prey. He needed some shield to protect himself which society, government, courts and so called “dog-lovers” failed to provide. 

4-year-old mauled to death by stray dogs in Amberpet

HYDERABAD: In yet another gruesome incident of its kind in Hyderabad, a four-year-old boy was mauled and killed by stray dogs in Amberpet area. Although the attack happened on Sunday, it came to light on Tuesday after CCTV footage of the dogs surrounding the boy and not letting him escape went viral. In the past year alone, the government-run fever hospital in the city has seen at least four cases of people dying after contracting rabies from dog bites. Toddlers have been killed by strays in various parts of the state. According to data submitted in Parliament, Telangana reported about 80,000 cases of dog bite last year. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials said the victim, Pradeep, accompanied his father K Gangadhar, a security guard at a car service centre, to his workplace on Sunday. The dogs attacked the boy while he was playing by himself. The 1:07-minute CCTV footage shows the child walking alone in the parking area of the service centre and three dogs rushing towards him. The boy, surrounded by the aggressive canines, looked scared and tried to run away. Soon, a dog pounced on him from the rear, resulting in him falling to the ground. The child gathered himself, got up on his feet and tried to escape, but the dogs attacked him again. Within seconds, all three canines began mauling him. The dogs tried to pull him away in different directions even as three other sub-adult dogs tried to join them. CCTV footage shows that the boy tried to fend off the attack, but gave up after being surrounded by the strays. A few seconds later, as the boy lay limp, the dogs tried dragging him away. Gangadhar, along with other staff members, rushed in and chased away the dogs. They rushed the boy to a hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries on the way and doctors pronounced him dead on arrival. Officials said the boy was carrying food in one hand, which might have attracted the dogs.

An urban jungle-where animals hunt humans

Dog Lover but not for human child

        Courts have also upheld animal rights but failed to formulate and implement policies to ensure safety of humans from these violent strays. Government has not made out any policy to safeguard public from such attacknor have courts come up with any solid guidelines, which can save public, children, women and older people from such bites.

     Danger of stray dogs is increasing every day around us. As the strays population in increasing, now they are grouped and see vulnerable humans as easy prey. Packs of dogs have become dangerous and difficult to control. Protected by Dog lovers and animal right laws, the danger to normal people of being hunted even around their homes is real. Human right of being in a safe environment is being ignored. Is it not hypocritical that you care for a violent stray that is a threat to the society? Problem is not about loving and feeding dogs, but simultaneous apathy towards safety of humans. Such dog lovers most of the time, totally ignore the fact that these dogs are a threat to children and older people. An immediate sense of hatred towards such dog lovers is a consequence and a natural thought.

Animal lovers while pretending of “dog love” have formed NGOs and have donations and accumulate money. But have failed to create shelters for stray dogs. Neither have any steps been taken to save people from dog bites. So consequently, people especially vulnerable are children and older people who are mauled and eaten alive by stray dogs. What responsibility and accountability these animal lovers and NGO bear towards such incidents? Why people who collect money in name of animals do not take care and form shelters for these strays? every single death from such preventable cause raise a question on this issue.

Apathy of these so called dog lovers towards humans is appalling.

SUGGESTION: the Government, NGOs and people who claim to be “animal lovers” should create shelters to save strays “as well as people”. It should be mandatory that all the dog and animal (stray or pet) droppings are properly collected and disposed off. This single step can do wonders as it will reduce infections, people’s suffering, save lives and eventually reduce use of antibiotics. A rationale mind will definitely appreciate the danger due to strays, and can initiate proper steps rather criticizing above said facts in the name of animal rights. An animal has no sense of responsibility, so rights should be limited accordingly.

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