The Book- A Midnight Adieu during Indo-Pak Partition 1947

           My second book has been released on Amazon worldwide. The book ‘A Midnight Adieu during Indo-Pak Partition 1947’ is a story of Dr Paras Ram family. Today story  is about the book, so it is little different from  usual medical topics of this blog.

The Massive Betrayal- No One to Blame

           In this book, Narain has narrated the true incidents of his life during Indo-Pak partition in 1947.  His story depicts the tragedy of millions during riots amidst celebrations for independence by others. Innocent Hindus and Sikhs, who had nothing to do with politics, went through a nightmare and the worst phase of their life because of weak statesmanship and poor capabilities of their leaders. It was highly impractical to assume that Muslims in Pakistan would remain neutral to Hindu minority, who were left behind.

         The painful truth that his father, Dr Paras Ram was killed by Baloch’s own army and not by rioters still burns Narain inside. How human greed intertwined with religious fanaticism and communalism changed life of millions of families overnight, still haunts him. With no serious policing, coupled with Government indifference, the partition turned out to be unthinkable nightmare for the masses.

    The book is a kaleidoscope of Narain’s  pained soul where he only  has one unanswered question for his countryman far and near; were these atrocities borne by minorities worth their unanimous dark lives. Why masses  as humans refuse to take lessons from such inhumane religious conflicts and never take refuge in any recourse for alleviating inhuman act and conflicts for our generations to grow with.

    For the victims, neither religion nor Government was helpful. The differences over faith and religion had put people through beastly times. If this was all in the name of religion, one would say it is better not to have religion at all.

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