West Bengal clinical establishment act- Objective analysis of objections needed

In  view of government inability to provide basic and essential services, private hospitals are required to render services as government set ups are inadequate in their facilities to handle the emergency, since obviously the patients cannot be left without treatment. Provision of basic and emergency services should be made available to whole country’s population and which the government has strived to provide since years without success. This act, though may have  a noble intention in mind, should be analysed by all stakeholders in a objective manners and raises some questions.

I think all the stakeholders should analyse it on the basis of these five fundamental questions:

  1. Will government render some support in any manner to private health organization, which they may need genuinely in order to do this difficult task, which government is unable to do in so many years?
  2. In order to provide these essential services especially emergency and life saving, is government asking the private players  for help for this noble cause or does this act simply dictates its wish onto the private players bulldozing their genuine concerns in doing so?  And that too without shouldering any responsibility?
  3. Will government provide physical and legal protection to doctors and health establishments on the issues arising from the act?
  4. West Bengal clinical establishment act is a democratic action, but is it democratic to doctors and private health players as well? Are their genuine problems and views addressed and accommodated?
  5. What are government’s plans in the long term to have such services? Does it plan to continue forcing the private setups or are there any plans to improve the government health facilities in future to a level commiserate with the need of the hour?



2 thoughts on “West Bengal clinical establishment act- Objective analysis of objections needed

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  1. The doctors must take USMLE, AMC, PLAB etc and shun this deplorable country… They have right to Greener and dignified environment.


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