You can make your opinion heard regarding health/medical issues

You can submit an opinion on any topic related to health/  medical care. Select any of the following categories.

Extinct good doctors

 – Evolution of medicine

 – Medical education

 – Medical industry

 – Medico-legal

 – Patient tutorials,

 – Doc save yourself

The information should have appropriate link, if taken from a source.

Write heading and category clearly. Articles of about 500 to 1,000 jargon-free words in length and free of grammatical and spelling errors are preferred. Accepted pieces will be published on and syndicated on social media like Facebook and twitter.

  • Submissions from commercial entities should preferably be physician-authored and contain zero mention of your business. Accepted pieces will include a “no follow” link in the attribution. Authors will be informed only, if article is accepted for publication. No discussion or hard feelings on cause for rejection is expected. Articles on patient tutorials will be preferred, which should be based on scientific facts.

Authors retain rights to their pieces, which may be published elsewhere.

Professional medical organizations may also contribute.

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