Struggle for professional independence: #RTH-Rajasthan doctors are global leaders

  In the present era, Doctors are  ebbed from all sides,  need to earn back the dignity of profession and resist oppression. The phenomenon of oppression in the name of medical- regulation is a global issue. The oppressive schemes in the  misleading names like  #RTH  Rajasthan (RIGHT TO HEALTH) are prevalent everywhere globally in  some form or another.

       Doctors and nurses  have been  reduced to no more than moral and economical slaves either by industry or administrators, not infrequently pulled by legal bridle in their noses.

      Doctors in Rajasthan India have shown  first of its kind revolt, that is just waiting to happen  globally at some stage.

Will Rajasthan’s Right to health bill do more harm than Good?

    It is not easy to practice as doctor these days. Media  full of  doctors bashing, credibility crisis and regulators perpetually hounding doctors, who are forced to work  under imposed medico-legal sword. There is no day that passes when system does not perpetuate negativity against medical profession.

 By certain  laws and  Acts like RTH, an effort is on to place   medicine   under State control.  Acquiring kind of skill , the years of passionate, merciless  excruciating  medical learning   is placed  at the disposal of  administrators, who themselves have already failed to develop a good health care system in real sense.  

Doctors  have become soft targets for populist attention mongering and transforming  social  nuisance into messiah of the deprived  by administrators -by sprouting the fraudulent generalities.

   All the calculations that usually precede the enslavement of medicine, everything gets discussed by administrators and industry – except the well-being of the doctors and nurses.

Doctors have often wondered at the smugness with which administrators assert their right to enslave them, to control their work, to force their will, to violate their conscience, to stifle their mind. Irony is that while administrators do this, still they depend on the same doctors for saving lives -whose life they have throttled, who resent   the treatment meted out to the health care workers.  Like the failed medical system, administrators have failed to realize that all the negativity perpetuated against doctors, who are working with the burden of mistrust under medico-legal sword is going to make them less safe. 

 Administrators, who have never treated a patient in their lifetimes, not only try to control treatment of thousands of patients, but project themselves messiah by demonizing doctors. Lowly educated celebrities and administrators have found a new easy way to project themselves on higher pedestrian by publicly insulting highly educated but vulnerable doctors. The biggest tragedy to the medical profession in the present era is the new fad of administrators to discourage and demonize  the  medical profession for their popularity gains.
          Being  so distant from the ground reality, their role should not have been more than facilitators, but they have become medical  administrators. To control the health system, administrators have a tendency to pretend that shortcomings in the patient care can be rectified by punishing the doctors and nurses.

   Slow or acute revolt is long due. Doctors have only two ways- either to persist, fight or perish. Silently quitting their beloved profession is going on for some time all over the world. Even in developed countries, there has been a fading enthusiasm to be a doctor. But doctors of Rajasthan have shown the way. The way to persist and resist the indignity handed over to medical profession.   The have shown that the struggle was not that difficult that  it looked  to be. They have chosen the correct path of struggle for Independence (Professional).  That makes them global leaders without any doubt.

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