Violence at medical college Mujaffarpur Bihar(SKMCH): Revulsion, root cause analysis and early action need of the hour

This is yet another incidence of violence involving doctors and medical college. Such incidents have become increasingly too frequent even though everyone knows that it is our medical system which is not streamlined and is at fault. Such  repugnant incidents must  be universally condemned by one and all since they are against  the rules of  civilisation and are legally and morally incorrect. If the government, courts and human rights commission do not act swiftly against such incidents, soon the medical fraternity would be demoralised. This will further dampen the enthusiasm and morale of medical community and doctors. Doctors are blamed unnecessarily mainly due to involvement of touts and certain non medical people which are not under any regulation, and are invisible to the patient. Doctors have to fight a double battle instead of focussing solely on treatment of patient.

Most painful aspect of the problem is that society, media and courts no longer feel revulsion for such acts.  Such devastating events to medical profession are passed off casually. A new thought process of “such incidences do happen” is taking shape in mind of society. I want to emphasize again that the long term repercussions of neglecting these incidents will be heavy and if the root cause is not treated, it will surely kill the medical profession.

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