Fish Bile ‘Treatment’ Lands Woman in Hospital- Folly of Fringe Theories in medicine

    It has become a common practice to advertise health products or therapies that claim to be panacea for all ailments enhance immunity, to increase power and health by creating an impression on minds on various platforms. Instead of producing scientific evidence, such products and therapies are sold under disguise of natural therapies or alternate medicines. Needless to say, the objective evidence or global neutral trial for the claimed efficacy or about real side effects is always missing.

    Companies have created huge fortunes based on circulation of such pedagogic narratives and social knowledge. But in real sense, these are actually chemical and have biological actions and reactions. Chemical derived from natural sources can have side effects and contain impurities.  Global neutral trials to validate effects and side effects remain an urgent need of the hour for all health products.

   Suffering for the common public is immense. Doctors’  sincere warning had no effect rather they were called as medicine mafia.   Unfortunately  false beliefs  like local religious figures can cure cancer and kidney diseases  cause they could communicate with invisible spirits  and gain knowledge. Unsurprisingly the cranks  have been  wrong and innocent patients suffer.   Doctors objecting to  elevation of  crank theories were painted as  western medicine agents,  or nattering nabobs of negativity.

 Here is an example of the folly of following fringe  theories.

Fish bile ‘treatment’ lands woman in hospital

Fish bile ‘treatment’ lands woman in hospital

 A 52-year-old homemaker from Dum Dum had to undergo a few rounds of dialysis and was put under intense critical care for a renal failure, triggered by ‘fish bile poisoning’. The patient had ingested raw fish bile for four consecutive days as a treatment to cure her diabetes prior to being rushed to Manipal Hospitals Kolkata with acute abdominal pain. Doctors at the Salt Lake hospital found the patient had low blood pressure and was in a state of shock. Initial reports showed a significant derangement of liver and kidney functions. It led doctors to treat common causes of liver and kidney injuries or drug induced organ damage. When further tests didn’t match with these diagnoses, the team started looking for a possible cause. The patient then revealed she had ingested bile of Rohu fish for four days to control her diabetes. “Consuming fish bile causes acute kidney and liver injury with the need to go for long term dialysis. This patient had to be put under dialysis within 72 hours of admission,” said internal medicine and critical care consultant. She was discharged from hospital after a month.

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