NEET Scams: Is unfair selection at medical college seat, root cause for poor health system?

A famous axiom “as you sow so shall you reap “  has an application to health system. As NEET has been implemented and there has been some effort to find out information about  admissions to medical colleges, at least tip of the  iceberg is getting visible.  More you know or read the news items about NEET, more one is convinced that industry  selling medical college seats has been quite powerful and practically every technique to sell seats is prevalent to by pass the merit and deny seat to deserving candidates. These meritorious children, who are denied seats could have been   good doctors and   real custodian for the health of people.  But  if for some reason, business prevails and government fails to prevent this cruel and corrupt selling of medical seats,  an Einstein brain is not required to  guess the whole malaise prevalent in health system.  Foundation  of  medical system is suffused with sand rather than touch stone of merit. It is the business and fraud which is rampant.

Astronomical fee of medical colleges  without proper facilities and medical education can be born only by investors and not good candidates.   It is the people and society, who will be the real sufferers in future. Therefore resentment to such system should come from the society. If every one is happy by the arrangement , then one has to introspect, whether they really deserve  kind of  doctors, they wish.




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NEET implementation vital and will decide quality of doctors in future

NEET, the common test for MBBS admission all over nation, is perceived as most basic step  towards uniformity of medical education. It is a welcome single most important step to transform the medical education. But its effective implementation is extremely vital for it to be successful and that is possible only if government takes strong measures to implement it in a true spirit. NEET can reform medical education, weed out corruption and in turn can radically transform healthcare. This new system should allow fair play, transparency and should set an example for promotion of merit in other arenas too. But it needs to be seen how NEET is finally implemented. It will be very unfortunate if it is diluted for any reason and merit becomes another casualty in accommodating other priorities, rather than having best doctors. It  is a now or never situation for the country to pick up best brains of country for  training as prospective doctors , decided purely on basis of merit.  By diluting the merit criterion, not only do less deserving people get ahead of deserving ones, but it breaks the faith and enthusiasm of the best and deserving people in the system, thereby generating a negativism in the whole system. Failure to implement NEET effectively and strictly should be interpreted as government’s inability to control vested interests in the system.

Enthusiasm and the zeal is what we need here in medical care. With the shortage of thousands of doctors, and our infant and maternal mortality rates matching sub-Saharan countries, it is not only the number of doctors which matters. The most important factor, I think, will be quality and enthusiasm of the people who are working for the system.

Besides Infant and maternal mortality rates, innumerable diseases like tuberculosis, heart and respiratory, cancer, neurological and mental ailments, accident and trauma etc need work on war footing.  But the medical system has to be built on the touchstone of merit and enthusiasm for a greater impact. Merely creating number of doctors is not the solution. The need of the hour is more but pure meaning on pure merit. If that does not happen sufferers will be poor genuine aspiring doctors and casualty will be medical profession and ultimately health system and its users.

Let merit not be made a casualty of the system. The ball is now in government’s court and they should ensure that NEET is implemented in its true spirit, to fulfil the dream for which it was envisioned and introduced which is to bring medical care in India to its most cherished peak.

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